The purpose of a college is to provide a platform where students can experience an enriching atmosphere of knowledge transfer and the primary requisite for this activity to take place is for a student to be present for lectures. It is proven by research that a student retains information better when he teams up listening and visual cues along with reading. Keeping the above in mind, we believe that attendance is not just a mandatory aspect of college learning but also a prerequisite to enhanced learning experiences.
  • A student shall have a minimum of 75% of attendance in each subject. A student who falls short of this percentage must bring their parents/guardians to meet the principal.
  • A student shall have attendance of 75% in each subject to become eligible to appear for tests and examinations.
  • A student who fails to put in the minimum period of study and attendance in the class and also a science student, who fails to perform the minimum number of experiments in the laboratories successfully, shall not be eligible to appear for the annual examination.
  • Students shall not absent themselves from classes without appropriate reasons.
  • Leave of absence from college must be applied for previously. The general terms of excuses such as "some business", "personal work", "sick" are not sufficiently explicit. Leave applications have to be authorized by the parents and the format to leave application is available in the calendar itself.
  • If a student is absent from two classes in a subject he/she may not attend the next class of that subject without getting the admit slip from the Class Teacher/Principal. A student who falls short of 75% attendance in any of the subject will not get the hall ticket.
  • Those who are absent for more than three days must get the approval from the Principal to enter the classes.