Classroom Etiquette

A man is known not just by the company he keeps but by the way he behaves in the company of others as well. Etiquette and manners are of utmost importance in the life and formation of young people and the college insists that the students maintain a dignified manner while on campus especially in the classroom. Students are expected to follow these etiquettes while they are in the classroom and on campus: Students shall remain silent and in their seats until the concerned teacher arrives to the classroom, hooting, cat calling, banging of desks and loud talking are considered unbecoming of a Josephite. Students shall rise and greet the teacher in unison as soon as the teacher enters the classroom. Students are expected to come in a well-kept manner to the class (Neat dress, clean shoes, clean shave and hair cut). Students must wear the College ID card when in the classroom; teachers reserve the right to deny a student entry to class if students turn up without the same. Students must not indulge in arguments of a personal nature with the teacher in the classroom. Students are welcome to state their point of view as long as it is relevant to the discussions in the classroom and in a manner that is polite and inoffensive. Students must not indulge in defacing the classroom property in any manner. Maintaining classroom cleanliness is not the exclusive duty of the class representatives alone; all students are expected to maintain the cleanliness of the classroom. Action will be taken against those students violating the classroom etiquette.