Dramatics Club - Fine Actors is Making

Dramatics club of the institution has been actively conducting various programmes which are informative, resourceful and academically students’ oriented. They help the student to formulate their mind sets and come out with creative part of their own. The students, too, have been actively and creatively participating in the activities conducted by the Dramatics Club.

The club, in association with SAMVADA, had organized ‘DURGI’, a one man show, which showcased the plight of the women in the present day society. The play was followed by a discussion with the students. The students participated in the discussion enthusiastically. ‘MY FAIR LADY’, a film based on one of the greatest playwrights of English literature, Barnad Shaw’ PYGMALION was show to the students so that they enhance their communication skills and their pronunciation.

Theatre Training skills was conducted by Mr. Bhaskar, Lecturer, Department of Kannada and one of the members of the club, for three sessions. The students were given the skills and techniques of the theatre and the skills of acting. Akira Kurosava’s ‘DREAMS’ was show to all the classes to make them understand the significance of nature and their responsibility towards the conservation of nature. The students were delighted to watch and they expressed their willingness to save the nature.

An One Man Show was organized in association with ‘Break Through’, an NGO, which work on Human Rights to make the students learn the incidents of woman harassment taking place in the society. Jyothi from SAMVADA enacted the play and later had a discussion with the children. The students actively participated in the discussion.

The club is conducting rehearsal of ‘Watch of the Lake’, a skit from 1st PUC text to enact on the college day.