1. There will be three examinations and two tests for 1st PUC & 2ND PUC.
  2. Strict notice will be taken of absence without leave from the College Examinations.
  3. A student is eligible to write the Pre-University examination only if he/she has shown satisfactory progress in the college exams. Those who do not show sufficient progress will be kept back from the Pre-University Examination.
  4. Hall-ticket for the Pre-University Examination will not be given unless the dues are cleared.
  5. Examinations and tests perform two primary functions: firstly they validate content transferred and make a student aware of his own comprehension of the content and secondly they help students prepare and revise for the annual examination at frequent intervals thus helping them perform better. Due remedial action and assistance are provided after each test/exam in order to improve a needy student's performance.
    1. a) Eligibility for tests & examinations: A student should have 75% of attendance in each subject. He/She
           should have completed all assignments and record work.
      b) Eligibility for Board Examination: A student must meet the attendance requirements as per norms laid
          down by the institution and get minimum pass marks in the tests & examinations conducted by the college.
    2. There will be two unit tests and three examinations (Mid term, preparatory and final) for I& II PUC. Attendance for all these exams is compulsory.
    3. Strict notice will be taken of the absence from the college examinations. Re – examinations cannot be considered as a matter of right. In case of illness during the examinations, parents are expected to inform the Principal immediately and produce the necessary medical certificate.
    4. Students will not be permitted to attend classes till they justify their absence from the exams and meet the principal along with their parents.
    5. Students who have difficulties in any subject are encouraged to approach the lecturers for help. They are also advised to attend remedial classes organized by the College. For remedial classes attendance iscompulsory. Those students, who have scored less than 50% in tests/exams, must attend the remedial classes.
    6. The admission ticket for the Board Examinations will not be given unless all the dues are cleared.
    7. Students who have been debarred from the examinations for malpractice will not be admitted / re-admitted to the college.
    8. Students who fair badly in the college tests will be asked to bring their parents to meet the Principal / Vice Principal before they are allowed to attend classes.
    9. All the I PUC students must have their preparatory exam answer scripts& produce them on the day of receiving the hall ticket.
    10. Students must always come to the college with the ID cards, college calendar, 2 stamp size photographs and the hall ticket during tests and examinations.