Library :

We have a good Library, which has got about 3000 books covering wide range of disciplines of academic and non-academic interest. There are 10 daily news papers, Magazines and Journals etc.

Computer lab and Internet facility:

We have a well-equipped computer lab with 100mbps connectivity. The internet facility is available in the library which gives the students unlimited and free access to various academic resources available on the net.

    Audio Visual Room :
  • The College has a well-equipped audio-visual hall with state of the art equipments. They include computer, Sound system, LCD projector, Overhead projector, etc. The students and teachers make use of this facility to make project presentations to conduct interactive sessions and guest lectures.
    Seminar Hall and Assembly Hall:
  • Apart from the regular classrooms, we have a seminar hall and an assembly hall to serve teaching purposes using teaching aids like the LCD, OHP, Audio systems etc. Guest lectures and project presentations can be conducted here. Techno-friendly classes.
    Prayer Hall / Chapel:
  • Prayer strengthens our faith in God, which gives us courage and conviction to weather the storms of life. The search for the Devine begins in silence. Therefore to pray I silence and serenity, we have a prayer hall. When one is disturbed in mind, seeking inner peace and contentment or marveling at the wonderful ways in which God works through him/her and desire to thank Him for His bountiful blessings, one can walk in and spend some time in communion with God.
    Spacious parking :
  • Ample space has been provided for parking two wheelers with good security.