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  • I PUC Students Orientation

    • 13 Jul 2022

    Orientation program for the 1st PU students was conducted on 13th& 14th July 2022 from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the AV Room. The first days event was witnessed by the I PEB group and the second day session was attended by the I SEBA and I HEPS groups. The objective of this orientation programme was to equip students with the life skills and develop their communication skills.
    The eminent speakers Dr. P Vanitha, well-known counsellor and Communication Skills trainer, and Fr. Avinash Lobo & Fr Arun SJ were invited to train our young aspirants.
    Dr. P Vanitha started the session with BASICS i.e. B-Balance, A- Aspirant, S-Social Skills, I- Identity, C-Creativity, S- Seeing God in everything. It was an activity oriented session where students were told to introspect their strengths and weaknesses. The speaker also explained the ways for goal setting. For this they were told to draw stars in minimum time on a blank sheet and this activity led them to set some goals in life. A motivational video was played and students learnt that participation is more important than winning.
    The youngest eminent speaker, Fr. Avinash Lobo SJ & Fr Arun Panackal SJ , spoke about how todays youths are misguided by the external factors and stressed that we should judge the people meticulously. They also highlighted the difference between a human being and being human. According to the speaker, human being was created by God and being human is our own choice. It was really an enlightening note. Fr. Avinash & Fr Arun threw light on the important aspects of a person life i.e. family, friends, society and social media. The hallmark of this session was Time Management Grid
    Quadrant 1 Urgent and Important
    Quadrant 2 Important but not urgent
    Quadrant 3 Urgent but not important
    Quadrant 4 neither urgent nor important
    In this manner, the speaker emphasized that students should plan for their future.
    Hence, this orientation programme for the I PU students have brought a new change in their thought process and life skills. It has enabled them to learn, unlearn and relearn. The Orientation programme was coordinated by Mr Mukesh Soni & Ms Nirma Dsouza . Rev Fr Roshan David Pereira SJ,Director of SJPUEC,Mr Victor Anthony Principal, Ms Nirma Dsouza ,Vice Principal were present for the Inaugural Programme.
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep. --- Robert Frost