To Parents & Guardians

Parents and guardians play an important role in the formation of the students. As adolescents, students will look up to parents and guardians for support, care and attention; they will also imitate patterns of behaviour, attitudes and values displayed by them. It is suggested that parents keenly follow the activities of the ward at the college and also become aware of their social and peer groups. Parents are requested to co-operate with the college by insisting on the qualities of discipline and regularity in their wards. In case you notice any unusual behaviour or signs of distress in your wards, we suggest you bring it to our notice so that we can assist the student to cope with the same. Encouraging the student to set aside time for home study and insisting upon completing academic responsibilities is a highly desirable practice from the side of the parents and guardians. Absence from class should be justified by a leave note from the student, duly signed by the parent. Absence for more than 2 days should be brought to the notice of the class teacher and the Principal immediately. A leave note for a long absence due to illness must be supported by medical certificate. However, a medical certificate does not entitle a student for attendance. Parents/Guardians should also check the College calendar from time to time to review the record of absence and also for any other information recorded in the calendar.

The college website can be accessed at: Absence from College examinations without prior permission will not be condoned. In case of absence during examinations due to unavoidable circumstances, parents / guardians are expected to inform the Principal immediately and meet the Principal later along with their wards and explain the absence with a written note. Progress report of the passed students is usually sent through the

Students within three weeks of the tests/examinations. Parents of those who have failed in one or more subjects and/have attendance below 80% must meet the class and subject teachers and sign in the attendance shortage register.

Parents and guardians are partners with the College in the task of total and integral education of their children and wards. It is in keeping with this concept of `partnership’ in education that the Principal invites the parents of students to discuss with them the performance of their son/daughter. The meeting will be conducted after every parent is requested to make it possible to attend it. The Parents are also recommended to meet the Principal and the Welfare Officers to ascertain from them the conduct and progress of their wards. The College welcomes suggestions from parents and well-wishers.