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  • Staff Orientation

    • 12 Jul 2021

    St. Joseph's Pre-University Evening College conducted a one-day Staff Orientation Programme for the new academic year 2021-22 which was an intensive and thought-provoking session, conducted by Prof. Clement D'Souza, the Dean and Associate Professorof St. Joseph's College, Bangalore - 560027, an acclaimed inspirational speaker. Prof. Clement'Souza began his presentation by pondering on the word 'Self-Motivation' which was not merely a word of inner state but included ideas of enrichment of potential and skills as well. The basic focus of the session was how the teaching faculty will motivate oneself in order to improve and mould the lives of the students for their own betterment and well-being. The foundation of every teaching should be to introduce critical thinking in children. Knowledge is limited but ideas and imagination are not.Teachers should teach their students to be perceptive and discerning. They should understand and teach their students to understand the value of character more than position or rank. The teaching of values and character is the very basis of Jesuit education. Thus, the emphasis should be towards the teaching of values rather than just imparting knowledge. The staff were inspired by the session and are charged up to begin the new academic year with a new mindset and a futuristic vision of dealing with students entrusted to them.