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  • National Voter's Day

    • 28 Jan 2022

    Organizer of the event: Mr. Shiva Kumar S.M.
    The objective is to conduct awareness among the students about importance of the election.
    1. To help the students how to enroll to get Voter id.
    2. To provide awareness on importance of Election in present scenario.
    3. To make active participation in the elections.
    4. Hindrances and challenges during elections
    National Voters' Day: Significance
    Since India is a democratic country. Every citizen has the basic right to vote. He or she has the right to select his leader to whomever they think is capable of leading the nation, solving the problems of common people, bringing about change, etc. National Voter's Day is a significant root of India as the future of the country lies in the leader that we choose. This year the theme is "Making Elections Inclusive, Accessible and Participative".
    The students were given the awareness on how to get enrolled and to get Election Card / Voter ID; students were informed about the importance of election in democracy and presently in India. Students were informed that every student should exercise his basic right to vote. He has a right to select the leader to whomever they think and capable of leading the nation. It was also informed about the exploitation and ill effects of election, if not participated to franchise their vote at the time of election.
    Role of a good Leader
    Students were made to understand the importance of a good leader, who decides various basic big and infrastructural projects. Negligence of basic infrastructural projects leads to various key issues like construction of roads, electricity connection problems, etc. Hence the youths were encouraged to participate and build a strong network for the coming generation who will make sure to cast their votes without fail.
    The role of Electoral Commission
    Generally, the electoral commission allows a person to vote in the place where he or she resides or lives. If voting is done from two or more different places it is considered as an offence and this should be intimated to the Electoral Commission whenever he or she changes his or her place of living. In other words, we can say that it is a crime. When a person turns 18 years of age, as a citizen of India, he or she can enroll himself or herself as a voter. Also, the Election Commission revises the electoral rolls every five years and also before an election. At the time of voting, it is not necessary to carry a voter id, you can carry your PAN card, Driving license, Adhaar Card, etc.
    Outcome of the activity:
    The students were given with sufficient information about the procedures relating to enrolment. This event provided the students to exercise the voting power, and to know the roles and responsibility of a voter in a democracy.
    Report by:
    Mr. Shiva Kumar S.M.
    Lecturer in Economics.