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  • Graduation Day 2022

    • 09 Apr 2022

    The final and the most solemn event, the Graduation Day of II PUC students of St Joseph's P U Evening College, Bengaluru was held on April 9, 2022.
    Dusk stood still as our Director and Principal led the graduating batch of II PUC 2022 - down the red carpet in the L - Hall of St Joseph's Evening College. The deepening sunset was in sync with the final gathering of II PUC students from the safe haven of SJPUEC into the world of opportunity.
    The Coordinator Mr Jagadish along with the Principal Mr Victor Antony led the Chief Guest Prof. D Kiran Jeevan, MSW, LMSW, B.Ed (Ph.D) - PRO - St Joseph's College - Autonomous, Bengaluru, Rev Fr Roshan David Periera SJ - the Director, SJPUEC, the President of the program Rev Fr Oswald Mascaranhas SJ - a Visiting Professor at SJIM, Bengaluru, to the venue.
    The program began by calling on the Almighty through the prayer and readings from the Religious Holy Scripts, and Hymn led by Ms Reena and team. The lighting of the symbolic lamp, by the dignitaries and a Student Council President Ms Sneha was an enduring metaphor of knowledge and wisdom, warmth and enlightenment.
    Ms Mary Imelda - Master of ceremony delivered the inaugural address of the program and handed over to Mr Munichowdappa to welcome the audience and highlighted the achievements of the Chief Guest and the President. The valedictorians Ms Urmila, Ms Mary Suzen and Master Rohith took center stage to deliver their message of thanks to their mentors and pearls of wisdom to their peers. The Graduating batch of students recalled their classroom experience since admission during the shuffling of online and offline classes and how the problems were converted into challenges when Mr Mukesh Soni, shared his experience as Lecturer with the present outgoing batch of audience.
    The Chief Guest's message reiterated his belief in core ingredients for success - viz the motto of the College 'Fide et Labore' along with the quote from the bible on 'love' replacing the same with 'Josephites'. Rev Fr Roshan David Periera SJ - the Director rendered an oath through a Pledge to all the Graduating Students and also shared a short message with the Graduates to 'go forth and conquer' - not for themselves but for the society at large. Principal Mr Victor Antony, shared a message by wishing the very best as they step forth into an exciting world of challenges.
    The valedictorians received mementoes from their mentors and the flame of liberation to 'go light the world' through the blessings and Presidential address by Rev Fr Oswald Mascaranhas SJ, who motivated the graduates to be more, to give more, and more - the meaning behind 'Magis' - the Ignatian Principle to the society and hence to the world.
    The outgoing batch of students cherished all memories through a documentary presentation of being themselves in the college, participating in curricular activities and wishes from the Juniors.
    The program ended with a vote of thanks rendered by Ms Nirma D'Souza and by singing the College Anthem in the position of attention for one last time as students. Finally, the entire batch of Graduating Students were treated to dinner.