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    • 25 Nov 2022

    The Bengaluru Zone AICUF inter-unit meet was held at St Joseph's University, Bengaluru on the occasion of AICUF foundation day and Indian Constitution Day on November 26, 2022. This event which was initially announced in the AICUF group slowly gathered momentum after the meeting on November 10 where the modalities were discussed and responsibilities assigned. On November 25, the students from St Joseph's College of Law enacted a moving and inspiring street play at 6 p.m. at the war memorial park to create awareness on the importance and sanctity of the Indian Constitution.
    On November 26, a formal programme to mark the Constitution Day was held. In his address to the students Rev Fr Maxim Dias SJ, AICUF state advisor, highlighted the importance of the day's events and the significance of the Constitution which is a means to liberate and guarantee rights to all citizens. He stressed how AICUF must endure and become an instrument to embolden constitutional values. Dr Akkai Padmashali, prominent activist, stirred the students to read the preamble together. She then spoke about her works in society and how we could be a help in transforming our communities through our actions practicing the values written in the preamble. She emphasised the daily and conscious living of constitutional values.
    Prashant Kumar, animator and former recipient of the Yuva Ratna, gave an anecdotal presentation alluding the menace of anti-social elements in society. He pointed to a reality where there are many who intentionally try to divide people in the name of caste and religion and how to counter them factually. 'AICUF can and must respond to these damaging ideologies with hope and courage,' he said.
    Inter-unit sports day marked the culmination of the day's events. Dr Akkai and Prashanth inaugurated the meet and various events such as cricket, throw ball, volleyball, chess, carom, badminton and table tennis were held. Each unit also performed a thematic flash mob as the crowd participated and cheered on.
    Panel discussion
    A panel discussion was reserved for the participants during the 3rd session to highlight the ills in society. While the activities of the day were meticulously planned by state full timer Salman Sheikh and other state members. Lerin Dias, president of SJCC AICUF unit anchored the day's activities along with Delisha from SJCL. This was also an occasion where AICUF collaborated with the members of the North East and Tibetan Students Forum at SJU to freely distribute copies of the Preamble and Fundamental Rights to nearly four thousand people.
    Following units participated in the events
    1. Jyoti Nivas College (Autonomous)
    2. Jyoti Nivas PU College
    3. Loyola College
    4. Mount Carmel College (Autonomous)
    5. Mount Carmel PU College
    6. Sacred Heart College
    7. Sacred Heart PU College
    8. St Aloysius College (Autonomous)
    9. St Anne's College
    10. St Francis College
    11. St Joseph's College of Commerce (Autonomous)
    12. St Joseph's College of Law
    13. St Joseph's Evening College (Autonomous)
    14. St Joseph's Evening PU College
    15. St Joseph's PU College
    16. St Joseph's University
    17. St Joseph's University - Shift III